Friday, September 26, 2008 to live blog tonight’s debate

by Larry Geller

McCain has made multiple false representations of Obama's tax proposals. Obama has made false claims about McCain's stance on Social Security. Both McCain and Obama have traded some whoppers about their energy policies, about Iraq, and about Iran, and about supporting troops. [, The Whoppers of 2008, 9/25/2008]

It might be interesting to print a copy of the printer-friendly version of the above article and keep it handy during tonight’s debate, just in case the whoppers are repeated.

Or, if your computer is near your TV, follow along with The FactCheck Wire. Many browsers let you right-click and set the page refresh interval down to even a few seconds.

From their email:

If the candidates try to recycle old, misleading claims in new, misleading ways or distill complicated issues into deceptive sound bites, we’ll be on top of it.

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