Friday, September 26, 2008


Palin pales, Couric shines, Lingle leaves, McCain returns

by Larry Geller

The CBS Palin interviews only get better worse.

From today’s Democracy Now, after a short clip of the Katie Couric interview with Palin that was played on the Early Show:

AMY GOODMAN: Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on CBS. Paul Krugman, your response?

PAUL KRUGMAN: You know, I’m sorry, but, you know, I am a college teacher, and that sounds like nothing so much as a freshman who hasn’t actually done any of the—read any of the readings and is confronted with an essay question on the exam, and so he throws in sort of random paragraphs of stuff that he thinks kind of sounds like economics. That was incredible. That was totally incoherent.

In this YouTube clip, at least she promises to do some homework afterwards:

You’d think that Palin would have received a crash course in economics, foreign policy, and anything else a vice president might need to know before her handlers let her speak to a reporter again.

After watching this, I’d advise John McCain to drop Sarah from the ticket and choose Katie Couric instead. It’s not my original idea, it’s a repeated theme in comments on the video. Couric may get a boost from this interview, McCain may get sick.

Lingle leaves to join the circus

Linda Lingle left last night:

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle was on her way to the mainland Thursday night where she will be campaigning for the Repuclican presidential ticket. Hawaii Democrats claim Lingle is leaving just when Hawaii needs her most, during a time of economic turmoil.

Lingle is not scheduled to return until October 7. Island Democrats say 12 days is too long for her to be gone. The claim Hawaii's Republican Governor should be at home working to improve the state's crumbling economy. [KGMB, Dems Criticize Lingle Campaign Trip, 9/25/2008]

The article mentions Lingle positions that differ from McCain/Palin’s. But we know why she is going. It’s not for McCain, it’s for LIngle.

Also so Corky’s cartoon in today’s Star-Bulletin.

McCain comes back from not not campaigning

The word is out that McCain has decided to participate in tonight’s debate. As the alternative media has noted, the Republican campaign never stopped, so he’s just keeping to his schedule on this one.

Perhaps the debate will be able to compete for viewer attention with CBS’s next release of Palin interviews.

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