Friday, September 26, 2008


Another debate opportunity for online media multitaskers

by Larry Geller

Ok, if you’re a real multitasker you’ll be watching the debate in one window of your computer screen, have another open to FactCheck’s live expose of lies/distortions, and now you can give your own feedback in a third window.

Rate the Debates is all set to take your input:

A citizen-driven guide to better media coverage of the issues that matter most
While anchors and pundits concentrate on how to spin the candidates' performances in the upcoming debates, Free Press and the Tyndall Report want you to rate the media themselves. We have created a "Citizens Media Scorecard" so viewers can respond in real-time to the performance of the debate moderators.
. . .
Debates are marquee media moments in American elections. The few journalists selected to participate -- and the media narrative that follows -- play a major role in determining our next president. Don't miss this rare opportunity to hold our future leaders -- and the media who cover them -- accountable.

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