Friday, September 26, 2008


Charges still pending against independent journalists after RNC

by Larry Geller

This comment was posted today to my article,  St. Paul promises to drop charges against 40 journalists including Amy Goodman, and deserves prime time exposure:

Charges against Portland Indymedia journalists have not been dropped. Portland Indymedia videographers Wendy Binion and Alex Lilly, as of Monday 22nd, are still facing charges and are "under investigation". Wendy Binion (videographer) is facing felony conspiracy to riot charges(the charges being dropped are misdemeanors). She was arrested in a park on her way to use a restroom after filming key note speakers(before the permitted march even started). She was clearly marked as Press with a press pass and clearly covered in media equipment. Her arm was fractured in her arrest even though she was shouting "I am press. I am not resisting". Alex Lilly(videographer & artist), as well as members of Glass Bead Media, are currently working on a documentary film in St Paul about the RNC and as a result are still under heavy surveillance and subject to harassment including raids and excessive detainment. There may be other independent journalists still facing charges and similar harassment. Please do not forget them.

Indeed we should not forget them. We cannot let police be selective in who they will allow to cover public events. I’m copying the Portland Indymedia message to a few organizations that have been supportive, and hope that a renewed campaign can be mounted to get all charges dropped against journalists and end police harassment.


Thanks for posting this, Larry, as I was under the impression all charges had been dropped against everyone. It's especially disturbing that charges remain against independent journalists, as they do not have the same legal and moral support as other media. It's imperative to make sure they can report freely if we want to get a divergence of coverage. I hope Amy gives them some attention on Democracy Now!

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