Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Tune to KKCR Thursday for more news from outside the Democratic Convention

Katy Rose emails:

Thursday, August 28 4 - 5:30 on KKCR (Kaua'i Community Radio)

Join Katy and guest co-host Marcus as we speak with a protest organizer and bloggers at the the site of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. (Jimmy Trujillo will be off this Thursday.)

We'll talk with Jim and Judy Tarbell, writers and community radio programmers from Northern California.  Jim is the co-author of "Imperial Overstretch: George W. Bush and the Hubris of Empire."  Jim and Judy are in Denver participating in protests and
reporting on the events at their "Justice Rising" site:

Also, we will be joined on the phone by Clayton Dewey of Unconventional Denver, a local chapter of the Unconventional Action committee, a nation-wide anarchist network organizing protests and direct action at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Note that you can stream the program from if you’re out of listening range.

UPDATE:  Katy reports that they will also be joined by TJ Buonomo of Iraq
Veterans Against The War (, who is en route from Denver to Minneapolis where IVAW members will engage in protests at the Republican National Convention.


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