Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Milk delivered again in glass bottles—in Manhattan

by Larry Geller

This snapshot taken from the website of the Manhattan Milk Company says it all:

MIlk! In glass bottles!

(click for larger)

They charge $5 for delivery.

Thinking of Hawaii, if someone were to go into business delivering Costco milk around the islands, I wonder if they wouldn’t be successful.

Keep in mind that Costco milk is actually delivered refrigerated.

What do I mean by that?

It’s disappeared news that supermarket milk is unrefrigerated in transit to Hawaii. It has to be pasteurized again when it arrives, to kill any nasties that thrived during their long ride to paradise. No joke. Costco confirmed to me via telephone that their milk is kept refrigerated the whole way to the warehouse.

See this article and the two articles linked from it.

If we had dairies still operating here, then glass bottles would sound eco-friendly. But we don’t. So that will have to wait (unless one can buy milk in bulk… but it would be that unrefrigerated stuff).


Brings back memories. We had our milk delivered in glass jars when I was just a little kid in California.

As an adult living in Montana I noticed that some people still had milk delivered.

Interesting note about Costco and refrigeration. Unfortunately I saw last time that none of the milk carries the rbgh-free label, though. Is that true on O'ahu?

Costco sells organic milk here. It has two seals on it. I thought that this means it cannot contain the hormones, but I guess it would be good to check.

I order through a health food coop, and the chill and frozen food is always set in a refrigerated container. Do the large stores not do this because it's too expensive? Are other dairy products shipped unrefrigerated?

It's only the milk, not other dairy. As I understand it, the milk is shipped to Hawaii without refrigeration, then re-pasteurized and bottled here.

Maybe it kills any bacteria, but I'm sure it can't do anything for the taste or remove whatever the bacteria did while swimming in the milk on the way over.

The organic milk at health food stores is probably refrigerated.

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