Saturday, May 31, 2008


Watching you watching me

by Larry Geller

Radar Dome It's bad enough that there are CCTV cameras most everywhere, on streets, in post offices and stores. Check out this high-tech spy toy.

The other day the x-band radar dome appeared in our viewplane again. It comes and goes according to whether it needs fixing. In this case, the Star-Bulletin article says it will have maintenance on its crane.

Normally it sits in the water near Alaska, which alone would be a good reason to come back to Hawaii every so often. This time, the crew gets to stay here for three weeks. Much better than freezing one's butt off checking for missiles that never come.

This thing is supposed to be able to see a pingpong ball at a distance of 3,000 miles (how many megapixels is that??).

A Missile Defense Agency official said the floating radar system can pinpoint a pingpong ball 3,000 miles away and 250 miles above sea level.

The military seems sports-obsessed: is said to be able to detect an object the size of a baseball a continent away

If that's true, and there is no reason to believe it is, then it can be watching me even as I snap a photo of it. I'll believe that sooner than I'll believe that they are looking for baseballs.

How do we know it's turned off? They could be peeking into windows all over Honolulu.

If you can see this thing out your window, it can see you.

Just kidding. Maybe.


How's your paranoia?

Thanks for that link.

I heard about that eyetracking stuff somewhere on the radio, just a brief mention.

We are but slaves, supposed to be used, to keep the economy going...

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