Saturday, May 31, 2008


Canadian police (RCMP) blast 82-year-old hospitalized man three times with Taser

by Larry Geller

OK, get him because we got more important work to do on the street tonight [CBCNews, 5/8/2008]

This is unbelievable. This man was on oxygen due to heart surgery and was in the hospital for pneumonia. They could easily have killed him. They blasted him three times!!!

Hawaii police are asking for Tasers. We should not automatically give them these often misused weapons. What is needed first are strong, statewide regulations concerning their use and penalties for misuse, as well as clearly defined training requirements for any police officer issued a Taser.

(thanks to Viviane Lerner for pointer to this article)


I had to stop and look again to make sure I wasn't reading "The Onion"

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