Saturday, May 31, 2008


Duhh... why didn't I think of that?

by Larry Geller

In comments to my earlier article on the risks of taking a rental car on the Superferry,  Andy Parx noted that there's no need to pay to take a rental car on the ferry at all.

Just turn the car in, board the ferry, and pick up another one on the other side. Save the ferry vehicle charge entirely, and eliminate the risk of an outrageous drop off charge should the return trip be canceled for any reason.

Why didn't I think of that??

Thanks, Andy!

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Maybe, but...

Taking the car along allows a traveler to bring much more crap, uh, I mean luggage, than a passenger without a car. Furthermore, unless the rental car business is located near at the dock (I don't know about Maui, but that is not true in Honolulu), a traveler would need to arrange transportation between the ferry and the rental car business (with, in most cases, more luggage than is allowed on the bus).

Thinking it through...

These days it costs so much to bring that crap, uh, luggage, that I suspect few tourists will have a ton of it to drag around. So for most people renting a car (they have shuttles) and wanting to avoid the vehicle charge and keep the insurance value of being able to fly back should the return ferry be canceled (which will happen with some frequency in the winter), Andy's suggestion seems to make sense.

Also, most people rent smaller vehicles that wouldn't carry much junk anyway. For the Cadillac renters, they can afford to do anything they want.

Each to her/his own, of course.

Again, just thinking it through.

I'd still rather see it floating as a casino than a ferry, IMHO

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