Thursday, November 15, 2007


Doug Carlson on disaster communications

by Larry Geller

Doug Carlson wrote an article on disaster communications that appeared in today's Honolulu Advertiser. Read Hurricane 'Iwa — and a tale of lessons lost on their web page. You can see a picture of Doug without the top of his head cut off in the silly Advertiser print style (I'm a blogger so I can use superlatives like "silly.")  More important, you will understand that he takes disaster planning seriously and thinks that we should, also.

As you read, perhaps you'll get that deja vu feeling all over again recalling how the exact same situation Doug described with KGU and hurricane Iwa happened during the Big Island earthquake power failures with KSSK—no one had a direct number to get information to station personnel. Doug had to drive down to the studio to make an announcement because the phone lines were jammed.

Check out his blog for stronger views on the need for openness in Hawaii's disaster preparations. Doug has been the watchdog on this issue and won't let go.

He will also be the invited speaker at Kokua Council's November 26 meeting at Harris Church starting at 11:30. Plenty of parking and a cheap lunch should encourage you to drop in and hear his talk. He'll be speaking on "Hawaii’s Emergency Communications—Still in Intensive Care."

Doug has written a new book:

Me and Him Are Killing English! Speech Habits That Can Doom Business and Education Success
by Doug Carlson

Read more about this title...

Maybe he'll bring some copies to the Kokua Council meeting.


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