Saturday, May 14, 2022


Civil Beat: Chad Blair on Why Micronesian Students Struggle In Hawaii

by Larry Geller

A confession: I discontinued my graduate studies in part because of the apparent requirement that I would be expected to produce scholarly papers -- that I felt no one outside of academia would ever read. And few people in academia either, because they were busy writing and publishing their own papers--that no one outside of academia would read.

I wanted to make a difference, and while I knew (and still believe) that research and publication are critically important activities, they were just not for me. I wanted to find a different path.

Ok, condemn me for this view. It was heartfelt at the time, right or wrong.

These days I frequently look up and read technical papers. End of confession.

Chad Blair has focused attention on one forthcoming paper that, thanks to his publicity, may (and should) be widely read.

Chad Blair: Why Micronesian Students Struggle In Hawaii.

The paper is:

“Racism and Discrimination against Micronesian Students in Hawaii,” it was produced by the Hawaii Scholars for Education and Social Justice.

The new report is focused on concerns over the “educational attainment, experiences, and problems” encountered by students from Micronesia in the public school system of Hawaii, especially at the K-12 level.

I hope Chad will post a link to the article when it is finally published (or available otherwise).

Meanwhile, please read his article if you care about equity in education in Hawaii.




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