Thursday, April 27, 2017


Street-level rail is more convenient, cheaper, faster to build, and encourages retail development

by Larry Geller

An op-ed in today’s Star-Advertiser pushes the idea of street-level rail from Middle Street.

I’ve been advocating street-level rail because it could be extended all the way out to the Leeward Coast and to Waikiki, thereby bringing people from where they live to most of the places where they work—downtown, Ala Moana and the hotels. It could take tourists to and from the airport.

Street-level transit would encourage retail development along the route, instead of disrupting it with overhead tracks.

Additionally, it would not blight downtown or ruin anyone’s views.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so this short video snip should be priceless. I’m re-running it from an earlier article. It is from a program that aired on PBS e2 (e-squared) series "Portland: A Sense of Place" imany years ago, describing the city planning that helped make Portland, Oregon such a great place to live.

Click the thingy at the lower right for full screen.


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