Saturday, February 11, 2017


More troops coming to Hawaii means housing crisis will escalate further

In June, large crowds of Japanese protested the U.S. presence in Okinawa. The United States is responding. Thousands of U.S. troops are going to be relocated in several waves, first to Guam and then to Hawaii
.—Civil Beat article, How Trump Is Working To Play Nice With Japan (2/10/2017)

by Larry Geller

When will the “thousands of US troops” arrive to live in Hawaii? When they come, won’t they have housing subsidies? Won’t that further deplete the supply of affordable housing?

My last question: When will city and state homeless czars produce a plan for the 20,000, 24,000, 60,000 or 67,000 new truly affordable housing units that different sources predict we will need by year 20xx?

Ok, one more: when will true rent control be implemented so that families can stay in their current housing and not become homeless?


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