Saturday, October 29, 2016


You’d think Hawaii would be the perfect place to test driverless cars… if only we maintained our roads

by Larry Geller

Watch this Tesla Motors video. Click the thingy at the lower right for full-screen, it's worth it:

You’d think Hawaii would be the perfect place to test driverless cars. With our ideal year-round climate, engineers could get a solid start. Those places with snow are not likely to get driverless cars early on anyway.

Unfortunately, I doubt any manufacturer would agree, considering how abominably we maintain our roadways. Notice in the video that the streets and parking lot are perfectly painted. Not so in Honolulu, anyway.

Here's an image of a section of the H-1 with long-standing confusing markings left by repair work that was just left as you see it.

I don't need to repeat here all the photos I've posted over the years of disappeared pavement paint on ordinary streets. There are even traffic lights installed above the wrong lanes. Ok, just one photo:


Forget about testing the cars for development. When driverless cars finally become commonplace, Honolulu will be on some sort of blacklist. Instead of being the first to use this technology, we’re more likely to be the last.



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