Thursday, October 27, 2016


Star-Advertiser: Your bias is showing

by Larry Geller

I don’t read the right-leaning columnists in the editorial section, but I diligently read the editorials in the Star-Advertiser. As Honolulu’s major daily news source, they are opinion leaders. So I was disappointed to find this, in today’s endorsement of Republic Gene Ward:

In a Democrat-ridden House, Ward’s opposition to proposals such as vehicle/gas tax increases in face of dubious spending is welcome.

“Democrat-ridden??” Like, “lice-ridden” or “disease-ridden?” It didn’t sound right to me as an editorial statement. I googled the definition to check myself:


“filled with or containing something unpleasant or unwanted”

I didn’t expect to actually see that in print in an editorial.


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