Thursday, February 18, 2016


Yet another House attack on ethics—exempting state employees from the Ethics Code—your testimony needed

by Larry Geller

The Hawaii House got all upset when the Ethics Commission suggested a way to hold school excursions in conformance with the Ethics Code so that teachers would not be privately benefitting.

The Board of Education even created a policy for these excursions that would not violate Hawaii's ethics laws.

Result: the kids can have their trips without any hindrance. It’s just a question of doing things right.

Problem solved?

Well, the House still doesn’t get it. HB1713 HD1 would take the matter away from the Board of Education and take it a giant (but questionable) step further, by granting all state employees an exemption from the gift laws. Read the text at the link for details.

The bill would create a loophole in the law the size of a barn door by allowing any state employee to receive “detached remuneration.” In other words, it’s party time!

The bill is to be heard by the Judiciary committee tomorrow at 3 p.m. Please consider going to the status page for this bill and clicking the link to Submit Testimony. It’s easy to do and would help support ethics in government. Don’t delay, the hearing is tomorrow.


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