Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Tweet storm created by AP story of Kakaako assault petering out

by Larry Geller

It’s amazing, the penetration of some AP stories. The story about the assault on Rep. Brower has been covered far and wide, but the tweet storm is slowing down.

Endless tweetsI just did a search and came up with several current hits, but mostly a large flock of them dated yesterday. Perhaps hundreds of them.

Almost all referenced the earlier smashing of shopping carts by the very same Rep. Tom Brower. The notoriety his earlier vigilantism achieved certainly accounts for the rapid spread if the current AP story.

He’s famous! But the publicity cannot be said to be positive or good for Honolulu.

There are also numerous links at the bottom of stories. You know, the ones that try to send you to related stories on the same website or elsewhere. Like this:

Referenced links

Probably, there won’t be much more.

Unless the AP should follow up.


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