Friday, July 03, 2015


Grrr… I should have done my research before buying this Epson WF-3640

by Larry Geller

This is a public service announcement. May Google find this post forever and ever.

I’m on my third – dead – Epson printer.

They are very helpful on the phone, and I have to call back on Monday to have a replacement (the 4th!) sent to me, since it is a holiday for them today.

So I did what I should have done before buying it – googled for reviews on Amazon. I did that just now.

There are several one-star reviews with the same problems I have had, and also requiring multiple replacement units.

My first printer said it had a paper jam when there was no jam. The second wouldn’t feed paper in the document feeder. It’s still on its way back to them. The third machine has just come up with an error message that others also reported in the reviews and for which there is no recourse but to return the machine to them.

And the reviews I’m looking at now go back to last year. Had I done my due diligence, I would never have bought this machine.

It was on sale at Costco. I’ll be checking to see what alternative there is before deciding whether to let Epson replace this or just ask Costco to give me a refund. It’s not their fault, I hate to do that. But thank goodness it was purchased at Costco.

So be warned. Check first, no matter how good the sale price looks. I will be more careful in the future.


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