Tuesday, May 26, 2015


UH regents vote to divest from fossil fuels while newspaper sides with climate change denier

by Larry Geller

I looked and I looked, but could not find this story in our daily newspaper:
Univ. of Hawaii Divests from Fossil Fuels
… the University of Hawaii has voted to divest its $66 million endowment from fossil fuels, becoming the largest university to heed the growing divestment movement to date.
[Democracy Now, headlines, 5/26/2015]

Yes. We’re number one! The largest university so far to divest its endowment from fossil fuels.
I hope I haven’t overlooked an article, but I thought for sure, here we are, leaders in something, and it ought to be in the Star-Advertiser.

If it’s there, I’ve missed it. Someone let me know.

But hey—the Regents’ vote on Thursday to divest fossil fuel investments came as a result of the ongoing national protest movement against carbon-laden fossil fuel companies. Keeping that carbon in the ground is essential if we are to combat global warming and climate change.

This time we're number one for a good thing--not for pedestrian fatalities, not for the highest cost of electricity in the nation. We are number one because the UH Regents acted responsibly.

Our daily paper studiously avoids covering protests, whether they are in reaction to police violence, in favor of a living wage, or apparently to protect our environment and Hawaii’s beaches, water and great weather.

Sure, when 400 cities are involved in a protest, there will be one article.

Their coverage of even individual events, such as the recent public reaction to the acquittal of a Cleveland cop who shot two people repeatedly while standing on the hood of their car (137 shots were fired by several officers) is often sub-minimal. Towards the end of the story yesterday the outsourced article failed even to mention the name of the 12-year old, shot by police, who could be the subject of the next wave of protests in that city. Since you are astute web surfers, or if you watch Democracy Now, you already knew that the child’s name was Tamir Rice.
What really galls me was the Cal Thomas op-ed that they chose to run today—which was a typical climate-change denial piece, even referring to the majority that recognize the threat as “cultists.”

Nope. The cultists at this point are the deniers, supported by Fox News and a cadre of editors who willingly print their material.

So nothing in the paper on the divestment vote—which made national news and is something of an achievement for Hawaii—and continuation of the MidWeek propaganda feed even though the editors should, by now, know better than to foist this stuff on us.

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