Tuesday, May 26, 2015


London artist says “Developers, up yours!”

My family’s been in this area of London for the last 200 years,” says Hilleard, “but now the indigenous Londoners have been moved out. The city is so overwhelmed by money that Londoners themselves don’t count any more.—
Developers, up yours! Anti-gentrification postcards – in pictures

by Larry Geller
The postcards highlighted on the website will be included in an exhibit at the Offsite gallery in London until 31 May, if you’re planning to be in that vicinity. If not, click the first link.

The problems caused by gentrification are very real in Honolulu. Kakaako will look like some of the postcards highlighted in this article.

It seems wrong to me that gentrification will fill first Kakaako then other areas in Honolulu with $3.7 million condos while one of the proposed solutions to the city’s negligence in assuring low-cost housing is to store low-income people in containers or pack them into micro-units.

I can see the postcards of Honolulu should that actually come about.


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