Thursday, May 14, 2015


Courthouse News Service on Gary Hooser’s trip to Switzerland for the Syngenta shareholders’ meeting

by Larry Geller

Gary Hooser’s bold and remarkable trip to Switzerland to speak at the Syngenta shareholder’s meeting was covered here, at least on-line. Hooser ventured into the belly of the beast, right into the enemy’s command headquarters, so to speak, to carry the message of opposition of many Hawaii citizens to their use of toxic restricted-use pesticides near inhabited areas—chemicals that are forbidden in Switzerland, Syngenta’s home country.

A Hawaiian official has returned from Switzerland, where he asked Syngenta shareholders to urge the chemical giant to withdraw from its lawsuit against his county's regulation of genetically engineered crops.

Hooser and a small Kauai delegation went to Switzerland at the invitation of Zurich-based MultiWatch, which calls Hawaii "ground zero of research and testing for genetically modified (GMO) seeds, and the concomitant use of highly toxic, strictly limited pesticides."

MultiWatch owns one share of Syngenta stock, which they assigned to Hooser, giving the elected official the right to speak at the shareholders meeting.

[Courthouse News Service, Hawaii Takes GMO Fight to Switzerland, 5/14/2015]

For documentation on the trip and links to media coverage, check out Gary Hooser’s Twitter feed. You don’t have to be a Twitter user, just click on the link.

It’s unlikely that the commercial press will cover ongoing Neighbor Island opposition to the giant chemical companies' use of toxic chemicals to grow GMO crops in Hawaii, but you can learn whom to follow and what to read from Gary’s twitter feed.




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