Thursday, April 02, 2015


The bigger Q: how bad will traffic get?

by Larry Geller

Ok, I just read my own article, and I have a couple of questions (sounds silly, but I do).

One sidebar of the article was about simulation software used by traffic planners to predict conditions on highways and roads. I have no idea if Honolulu’s Department of Transportation uses this kind of software or not (after all, this is low-tech Hawaii…). If they don’t, perhaps they should. At least before the City Council approves any new development in Ewa. But even if they depend on abacuses, I still have questions.

So after Tuesday’s really bad traffic experience, the first question is this:

Q: If Hoopili gets built, how many cars will be added to the daily commute into Honolulu each day, and how long will it take?

And part 2:

Q: If the Koa Ridge project is approved, how many cars will then be added to the daily commute to Honolulu each day, and how long will it take?

So DOT, can you answer those questions?

If not, how come?

If not, dear City Council, do you dare approve these projects? How have we come this far without knowing?

Must we find out how bad it will be when it takes us 2-4 hours to get home several times a month?

After Tuesday, I think it’s fair to say that people want to know the answer to these kinds of questions.

And please, no mumbling about rail, because the number of cars coming into town, for example, isn’t changed whether or not there is rail.

Over to you.

And I have a special inspirational message for the Mayor and for HART, who have come to the state legislature hat in hand for more tax money (paraphrasing a tweet I saw a while ago):

When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of planning by doubling your budget, there’s no limit to what you can’t do.


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