Thursday, March 19, 2015


UH reaches into the garbage can again for a process to choose a new athletic director

by Larry Geller

Is the search for the next University of Hawaii athletic director going to turn into another one of those “what in the world is going on in Manoa?” moments?

Ian Lind reports in UH athletic director search raises new questions (, 3/18/2015) that the University of Hawaii has formed a search committee to recommend a candidate for athletic director. They made their recommendation. And then the Chancellor came up with his own favorite.

This appears to be a continuance of the UH administration’s dependence on an inferior “garbage can” model of management. I’ve written so much on this subject that I won’t repeat. There are those (including one author of the original paper) who interpret the process as orderly. I don’t think so.

The way problems are handled at UH gives the impression of "rummaging around" inside a garbage can. Orderly rummaging or not, UH can do better.

Where is the business school when it’s needed?


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