Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Civil Beat on the spot with news of Ige’s withdrawal of Ching nomination

by Larry Geller

Today seems to be Civil Beat appreciation day at Disappeared News.

But I think Civil Beat did a better job of reporting on Governor Ige’s withdrawal of Carleton Ching’s nomination just before a crucial vote—that the gov possibly calculated would not go well for the nominee. Certainly, many of the floor speeches would have been difficult for Ching to hear.

This way appears to be not only better for the people, but more merciful for the nominee.

During a long recess, Mike McCartney, Ige’s chief of staff, handed Senate President Donna Mercado Kim the withdrawal letter and hugged her. [CB]

Civil Beat got a shot of the “hug.”

(see article for pics).

I felt the Civil Beat story (by Anita Hofschneider) captured the events and reaction of the moment, while the Star-Advertiser was mostly reflection on the contention over the past couple of weeks over the nomination.

Check out both stories:


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