Saturday, February 07, 2015


The news on ISIS and Syria requires a scorecard and bottle of aspirin

by Larry Geller

…in some parts of Syria, including the so-called southern front just north of the Jordanian border, Jabhat al-Nusra — also known as the Nusra Front and listed by the State Department as a terrorist group — appears to be working so closely with American-backed groups that the two have become virtually indistinguishable operationally.

[Stars and Stripes, Refugees see al-Qaida-linked militants as best option for Syria’s future, 2/6/2015]

I’ve already lost track of who or whom we are supporting today, and if that is changed or the same as yesterday. Or why we are supporting which group, and are they friend or foe?

For sure, Obama understands this, right? After all, it seems to resemble any modern US election. One simply decides which is the lesser evil and votes for that person.


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