Friday, January 02, 2015


They apparently didn’t teach military strategy at Punahou

by Larry Geller

How will 3100 American troops achieve in Iraq what 160,000 troops could not achieve? And notice that their boots really are on the ground…

Why is US strategy helping ISIS to recruit? Are we fighting Assad in Syria or fighting his enemies? Does any of it make sense?

Listen to the December 30 Flashpoints, a program originating at KPFA that you can subscribe to in your podcatcher or listen to via their web pages. The first part of the program is a re-run of an interview with author Phyllis Bennis on the utter wrongness of US military strategy in the Mideast—for example, how bombing kills a few ISIS members, kills civilians and helps grow ISIS, and how we helped Al Queda spread from a small group into a trans-national organization.

Unfortunately, with few exceptions, radio programs don’t come with transcripts. So you have to actually gather round the computer (or your smartphone) and listen. Here’s the link.  You can also download it from that page.


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