Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Old news #3 of 2: Hawaiian Electric 100 years ago

by Larry Geller

I’ve gotta stop Googling. Yeah, #3 of 2. I better stop now.

Star-Bulletin 19141223

$9 for 16 lights sounds like it could have been a lot of money in 1914. So what has changed at Hawaiian Electric?

While I have your attention, here’s what could change at Hawaiian Electric, unless we get out of our hammocks and get involved:

SLAPP suit

Learn about SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suits and what they have to do with Nextera, Hawaiian Electric’s potential next owner, by reading Henry Curtis’ article. Keep reading if you care about your electric bill, Hawaii’s clean energy future, and the environment.

Nothing is cheap at Hawaiian Electric, but we may look back at our current electric bills with envy if things go wrong after the acquisition. Read Ililani Media every day.


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