Monday, October 06, 2014


Kat Brady’s notes from the 9/30 legislative briefing on the Officer Cachola video and domestic violence


The link below will get you a copy of Kat Brady’s notes from the September 30, 2014 legislative information briefing on police handling of domestic violence.

Anyone interested in police reaction to the the alleged domestic abuse case involving Sgt. Darren Cachola, including the disposition of the officers who did not file the required report might want to skim through these notes.

Notes from 9/30/14 Info Briefing re HPD's handling of Domestic Violence (DV)

Thanks to Kat for making her notes available.


Body Cams are an expense taxpayers WOULD APPROVE. So, thatʻs NOT an excuse. They can trade the armored vehicles and Hollywood paraphernalia for Body Cams to defray costs. This is a demand/mandate from their employers (we, the taxpayer). Fuk the patriot act.

This was nothing but a sham - again. And legislators steered it that way.

Therefore since the only solution is Body Cam, then so be it. They have just aced themselves into the world of accountability. Especially since theyʻve proven they are NOT to be trusted.

It is interesting the mention of Body Cam came up when this was purportedly ONLY a ʻdomestic abuseʻ issue. It is not. It is a criminal assault issue.

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