Thursday, October 09, 2014


Hawaii’s campaign spending law went to the 9th Circuit one year ago today and is still there

by Larry Geller

I guess the 9th Circuit judges have much on their plate these days.

Yamada v. Snipes was heard in District Court before Judge J. Michael Seabright and was styled Yamada Et Al. v. Kuramoto Et Al, also referred to as the A-1 A-Electrician case. Of course, it derives ultimately from the Citizens United decision of the US Supreme Court.

For background on Yamada v. Snipes, see Hawaii’s campaign spending laws go before the 9th Circuit in Honolulu on Wednesday (10/7/2013).

Attending the hearings impressed me with the value of competent and experienced council in sorting out matters of any complexity. Too bad that the District Court audiences were not packed with UH law students, they would certainly have learned something.

The 9th Circuit hearings were actually held at the UH law school, but it was a different ball game though still very worth attending.

Thanks to attorney Randy Elf for keeping me informed of the progress of this case.


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