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Proposed Sand Island homeless camp was an ash and municipal solid waste dump for 65 years

by Larry Geller

Kathryn Xian researched the location that Mayor Caldwell plans to use for the city’s former “Temporary Housing First” program now renamed Temporary Mobile Access to Services and Housing—and discovered that for 65 years, until 1999, it was a dump used for ash and municipal solid waste, whatever that means.

Dump tweet

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From Kathy’s email:

The City's proposed use of this 5-acre arid area provides no water, no public restrooms facilities (only porta-potties), no electricity, no shelter. There are no grocery or convenience stores in the immediate area and it is isolated from the population, which increases danger especially for families with children and single women. City Proposal to BLNR -

According to the application that Kathy points to at the above link, having homeless individuals or families at the site will have no adverse affect on the environment.

Isn’t there a law that the environment must be assessed to see if it has an effect on people?

More from Kathy’s email:

Join us in opposing the bills criminalizing houselessness (Sept 10) AND the proposal to establish the Sand Island Internment Camp (Sept 12). RSVP HERE:

What is “municipal solid waste”?

According to an EPA website, specific definitions of what can be described as municipal solid waste vary across jurisdictions. It also would be very difficult at this time to determine what was considered acceptable to dump onto the Sand Island landfill site when it opened in 1934, or if any rules applied or were faithfully observed at all during the time it was open.

It appears that municipal solid waste may include garbage generated in households, commercial or business establishments or even industrial process wastes, agricultural wastes and sewage sludge.


No damn way can they even CONSIDER allowing our Hawaiian brothers and sisters and their keiki this demeaning ʻofferingʻ!
They are the host culture. This is beyond unacceptable.

I like how the government of the people, for the people doesn't mind risking the health & possibly lives of the homeless as long as it's not their health & their lives on an ex-hazardous waste site.what's next from the same "mind"?

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