Friday, September 12, 2014


Homeless camp is in evacuation zone

by Larry Geller

While the Board of Land and Natural Resources were in their executive session this afternoon considering the city’s application to use an unimproved area on Sand Island as the location of their planned homeless camp, I thought I might check the evacuation maps for Sand Island.


In addition to whatever other problems the camp may have, it’s in the Zone.

Evacuation map

(click for larger)

So when the weather is hot and dry, the campsite, with no shelter from the sun and hot asphalt below, will be sweltering. If there is a flood or tsunami, the question will arise how to get people out of there—presumably most will not have any cars.

Even when it’s just ordinary rain, imagine, as one of the Board members did, what it will be like to be in a tent on flat, flooded asphalt. Just for that reason I would think the proposed plan is unsuitable for human habitation. But the BLNR did approve it today.


What's the question about getting people out if it's in an evacuation zone?

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