Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Can a violent brain be turned on and off?

by Larry Geller

The Star-Advertiser ran this political cartoon this morning. Wish I had seen it before writing yesterday’s article, Does playing football damage brains and contribute to domestic violence? (9/16/2014). It’s a copyrighted cartoon by John Cole dated 9/10, drawn for the Scranton Times-Tribune.

In words, I’d say it asks the question of whether a violent football player can be switched on for games and off when he is supposed to be a model citizen.

Add that in to my question about brain damage leading to aggression, violence and loss of impulse control. In other words, even if a football player had such a switch installed on his head, would it work? With a damaged brain, can violence be switched on and off?

Even if we knew the answer, football will remain the national religion sport, and so change will be very hard to achieve. Perhaps impossible.

Sadly, this religion sport seems to require a component of human sacrifice to appeal to the masses.


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