Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Hobby Lobby may permit new options for religious fanatics of all stripes and then some—let the craziness begin

How would conservatives and their agents respond if a company with Islamic beliefs (however defined) decided to impose its religious values on white, Christian, American employees?

Sharia hysteria would spread in such a way as to make the present day-to-day Islamophobia of the Right-wing echo chamber appear benign and muted by comparison.

This argument is popping up all over the web, it’s not exactly “disappeared news.” But check out this article if you like, I think it covers a lot of ground.

What if a Muslim Company Used the 'Hobby Lobby' Decision to Impose Its Values on White Christians? (dailykos, 6/30/2014)

Maybe I should start a new religion—one that doesn’t believe in the existence of the Supreme Court. Then do I get to ignore its rulings?


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