Sunday, June 01, 2014


Learn more about the conflict in Syria. Learn why it is different from the “Arab Spring” and why it could repeat elsewhere

by Larry Geller

Think you know what’s going on in Syria?

The media at most try to figure out whether Assad or the rebels are winning at the moment. Are we sending arms to the rebels or not? Isn’t Assad our good buddy, to whom we sent “detainees” to be tortured in our “extraordinary rendition program?” Doesn’t the ongoing crisis demonstrate that the UN is, well, irrelevant? Why should we care, anyway?

Check out this comic for a totally different angle on the carnage in Syria.

See also the TV series Years of Living Dangerously, or google that title for more information on climate change. Climate change? You thought this post was on Syria. It is. And on climate change. The comic explains.

Also, more comics here.


Wow- I did not know that- although now that I think about it I do remember Margaret Warner mentioning it when she was reporting from Syria.

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