Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Civil Beat engages in candidate assassination, possible bias

by Larry Geller

We did not include community activist Kathryn Xian in either poll, nor two other Democrats who have pulled papers for the CD1 race but not yet filed. Neither is well known.—Civil Beat, Civil Beat Poll: Donna Mercado Kim Still Frontrunner in CD1 Race, 5/8/2014

by Larry Geller

Well duhhh… as we used to say in Brooklyn …

Dear Civil Beat editors:

… if you wouldn’t leave these candidates out of your assumed neutral campaign coverage, they just might be better known.

And they might poll better next time.

And they might even win one day.

You’re playing politics instead of journalism. I’m disappointed. You deliberately eliminated a candidate who filed, just one. What big problem would it have been for you to include one or a few more candidates?

You also open yourself to questions of bias. What is it about Ms. Xian in particular that you don’t like?


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