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On `Olelo Friday 2/28: Restraints and Seclusion: How safe are Hawaii's Keikis?

Snipped from the announcement:

Restraints and Seclusion
How safe are Hawaii's Keikis?

February 28, 2014 from 7- 8 pm O'lelo Channel 54 hosted by Naomi Grossman

On Friday, February 28, 2014 at 7pm HST, the Hawaii FAPE Now Show will broadcast a live restraint and seclusion program.

Panelists are:
"How Safe Is The Schoolhouse?" Jessica Butler, Esq.
Oahu parent Maureen McComas
Oahu parent Carlton Ching
FAPE Now Legal Corner Attorney John Dellera on Hawaii special education law update

Panelists will discuss restraint and seclusion issues, including the bill pending before the Hawaii legislature and how various states treat restraint and seclusion. We will also discuss Senator Harkin's February 2014 investigative report, Dangerous Use of Seclusion and Restraints in Schools Remains Widespread and Difficult to Remedy, and the restraint/seclusion efforts in the U.S. Congress.

Our viewing audience may provide input with questions and comments at call-in # 808 834-2886.

Maureen McComas is a parent whose child with autism and Down's Syndrome was secluded in our Hawaii public school system. Maureen will tell her story.  She is working on restraint and seclusion issues in Hawaii and the state bill.

A big kudos goes out to expert Jess Butler ( HowSafeSchoolhouse.pdf) for her excellent work and dedication to the children, and in this case, to the children and keikis of Hawaii.

See Maureen's story Hawaii Lawmakers Mull Clearer Rules for Schools With Uncontrollable Kids (Civil Beat, 2/21/2014) and HB1796.

Here is more information on legislation pending in Congress:

Harkin Investigation Finds Little to No Recourse for Families of Children Who Were Left in Isolation or Physically Restrained in Schools

Harkin Introduces “Keeping All Students Safe Act,” Legislation That Would Establish Safe School Culture for Students and Teachers, Prohibit the Use of Dangerous Seclusion and Restraints Practices


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