Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Action Alert: Call to prevent anti-fracking bills from dying

by Larry Geller

Henry Curtis advises in his article Hawaii’s Anti-Fracking Legislation in Trouble (Ililani Media, 2/26/2014) that the only two anti-fracking bills in the Legislature will die—unless the chairs of the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Finance Committee schedule them for a hearing this week. And there is not much of “this week” left, so if you want to help, please call right away. Phone numbers are below. It’s easy: just call, and ask that the committee hear the bill.

 SB 2940 and HB 2359 would prohibit hydraulic fracturing and the collection, transport, storage, processing, or discharge of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing.

Both bills passed their subject matter committees and both have not been scheduled for hearings by their respective money committees.  Bills which are not heard this week are dead.

For details on the fracking process, please see Henry’s article. In fact, if you care about energy issues in Hawaii (or are fed up with your high electricity bills) (and who isn’t?) you need to get on his mailing list or read his articles regularly. There is no substitute.

jdlSenate Committee on
Judiciary and Labor

finHouse Committee on


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