Friday, January 24, 2014


Support HB6221–Homelessness anti-descrimination

by Larry Geller


House Bill 6221 adds “homelessness” to HRS §489-3 Discriminatory practices prohibition. Read the short text here.

How to follow this bill with Twitter

If you’re not a Twitter user, here’s an excuse to sign up. But even without becoming a user, you can click on a link to check on the bill status.

For all the rest of us, I think the best way would be to follow the account (click on the  image above, or go to and follow it.

Now, most of us have an overwhelming number of people that we follow. So I click on “User Actions” to the right of “Following” and have these tweets forwarded to my phone. I suppose one could make a “List” of bills to follow. Whatever works for you.

I hope that this will encourage people to become active and support these bills. Certainly, if you can come down to the Legislature and testify in person, that’s ideal, but it’s not an option for many. So please send in testimony.

The link in the tweet takes you to the status page for the bill, and in the upper right corner is a box to click to send in testimony. Click and send. It doesn’t have to be formal, though formal is, of course, better.

Be a part of the solution. Send in your testimony and help worthwhile bills pass.


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