Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Petition to get the City of Honolulu to stop its midnight raids against the homeless and deOccupy Honolulu rights defenders

By H. Doug Matsuoka

[I'm circulating a letter and petition to get the City & County of Honolulu to stop its midnight raids on deOccupy Honolulu and the homeless. I'm posting the letter here (with links to some info and background) to make it easier to circulate. I'm hoping those so moved can forward to friends for signature. One of my friends admonished me that the petition "is about 120 years late" referring to the armed overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation on January 17, 1893. Point well taken. But maybe better late than never..? Mahalo, Doug.]

One of my favorite photos showing a homeless tent across from the former residence of Anna Rice Cooke, of the Big Five family of Castle & Cooke, sugar/land barons who profited from the theft of Hawaiian land and the armed overthrow of Hawaii. A full Flickr photo set here.

Aloha supporters,

And mahalo for your support in demanding the City of Honolulu to stop the midnight raids on the houseless and deOccupy Honolulu. Here are some links with background information and a link to the petition you can forward.

I just want to send links with information and background, as well as ask you to forward the petition.

Blade Walsh and Cathy Russell are currently in trial for their participation in a protest against Bill 54, an ordinance used to seize property from the homeless. I wrote about the original protest and arrest here at my blog, The DougNote:

Madori Rumpungworn is currently serving a 30 day sentence at OCCC for her protest against City authorities who had repeatedly raided the homeless and seized their property including clothing and food:

There is no end to the City's escalation. Bill 59 proposes to make it illegal to "lie down on the sidewalk." This is the direct criminalization of homelessness. I mounted my testimony opposing Bill 59 at my blog.

Here is a link to the petition. Please forward it to any friends and organizations that might understand what it's like to be houseless or a member of a vulnerable minority, or who is an advocate of civil rights.

Thank you for your support

H. Doug Matsuoka
For the supporters of Honolulu's houseless and deOccupy Honolulu human rights defenders


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