Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Outrage over NSA spying is good, but what next, if anything?

What we have before us, Mr. President, is a serious case of violation of human rights and civil liberties, a case of invasion and capture of confidential secret information pertaining to business activities, and above all, a case of disrespect to the national sovereignty of my country. We have let the U.S. Government know about our protest by demanding explanations, apologies and guarantees that such acts or procedures will never be repeated again.speech at the United Nations General Assembly by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

by Larry Geller

It sounds like Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff doesn’t take NSA spying lightly. But she probably also realizes that she will not get her apology, and that the US has no intention of stopping its spying.

Probably, governments, corporations and even genius programmers around the world are contemplating a solution to negate the NSA data collection. Here is more from Rousseff’s speech:

Mr. President, Brazil will further double its efforts to equip itself with legislation, technologies and the mechanisms that will protect us properly against illegal interception of communications and data. My administration will everything in its reach and powers to defend human rights of all Brazilians and to protect the human rights of all citizens in the world while protecting the fruits of the ingenious efforts of Brazilian workers and corporations.

Now, this is just a speech, but one day Brazil or another country will find a way to either create a secure local network or to block the NSA.

Or not.

Could it be that governments are simply envious of the US’s success, and want to learn how to collect data themselves? Or perhaps they would choose to make a deal with the NSA to get copies of some of its wiretaps.

And what of us, American citizens? Who will disconnect us from the NSA?


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