Sunday, August 25, 2013


More on Big Island march from Big Island Video News

by Larry Geller

Thanks again to @OCCHiloMedia for pointing me to this story on the three-day march to the headquarters of the  Hawaii Electric Light Company headquarters that ended on Monday:

The “March on HELCO” led these activists – who are in opposition to the expansion of the geothermal energy industry in Puna – to the doorstep of the Hawaii Electric Light Company headquarters. Organizers planned to deliver a petition to HELCO president Jay Ignacio, demanding the utility stop its contract for new geothermal development on the Island of Hawaii.

[Big Island Video News, VIDEO: Hundreds hit HELCO in Hilo, Ignacio accepts petition, 8/20/2013]

The HELCO president did accept the petition. Read the complete article for details.


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