Tuesday, August 13, 2013


9th Circuit oral arguments in anti-rail case to be live-streamed to Honolulu courthouse on Thursday

by Larry Geller

Thanks to a heads-up from Courthouse News:

The case of Honolulutraffic.com v. FTA is slated for oral arguments this Thursday in San Francisco at 2 p.m. local time, but the 9th Circuit said the hearing will also be streaming live at the federal courthouse in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the time is three hours behind.

The public will be able to watch the stream on the 4th floor of the federal courthouse in the Aha Nonoi courtroom. The hearing in San Francisco is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m., which means 11 a.m. here in Honolulu.

While it is possible for 9th Circuit cases to begin earlier than planned, this one is likely to begin on schedule. If I find out that it could start earlier, I’ll update this post.

If you plan to attend, best to get there early. There could be a crowd lined up at the security screening station downstairs. Plus, if there is a crowd, you’ll want to find a seat right in front of the flat-screens that will be used for streaming.

Parking can be an issue. There are a couple of parking lots, but often they are filled. Leave time to park. Cell phones, recording devices, cameras and computers will not be allowed and will have to be reclaimed on leaving.

The case is 13-15277 Honolulutraffic.com v. FTA and will be heard before judges Schroeder, Reinhardt and Hurwitz.

Disappeared News will try and post the audio of the oral arguments later on Thursday or Friday morning. I don’t yet know if the video will be made available by the clerk.


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