Wednesday, July 03, 2013


City won't return homeless Joe's property

By H. Doug Matsuoka

The City of Honolulu won't return homeless Joe's property even though it was seized illegally in the first place. This is a follow up to yesterday's unedited video by AlohaRevolution which described how the City illegally seized his and Makalani's property.

"Joe and Makalani's property was illegally confiscated this week during a City raid. According to the City's rules and PR campaign, it should be easy to get them back. It's not."

The City of Honolulu and deOccupy Honolulu are bound by a Stipulated Order approved on December 18, 2012, in Federal District Court that among other things prohibits tents to be entered without a warrant, and that "A person claiming ownership of a tent that has been tagged for impoundment will be provided an opportunity, before the tent is impounded, to remove all untagged contents of the tent."

Also, at paragraph 1(h) "At the time a person produces an impoundment notification with the specified bin number and attests to ownership of the property, all property related to that impoundment notification will be returned immediate. Production of receipts or identification will not be required for the return of the property."

So much for words on paper, courts and laws and all that trivial stuff.

H. Doug Matsuoka
13 July 2013
Makiki, Honolulu

Click here for the post of Joe describing how items were seized.

Click here for the unedited recorded livestream of the 6/27/2013 seizure raid itself.


City officials need to stop stealing from the Homeless and return Uncle Joe's and Makalani's food and clothing. City official who continue volition's of city, state and federal rule's, ordinances, policies and laws should be prosecuted or disciplined to the fullest extent of the law.

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