Saturday, April 13, 2013


Reality show: Fixed Income

by Larry Geller

Don’t touch that dial. We have a brand new show for you (see below).

You’d never know that President Obama was born in the Aloha State, given the way he is behaving.

Most recently,  he has proposed cuts to Social Security, which has nothing to do with the deficit whatsoever, perhaps hoping the Republicans will now agree to tax increases for the wealthy. Sound dumb? I think it is dumb. The cost of living is soaring, poverty is hitting new levels, so Obama proposes to decrease the income of seniors by more than three times the tax increase on the wealthy that he seeks. And make no mistake, this is not a new idea for Obama. It has been his plan for some time.

Now that he’s won his second term, I guess, he doesn’t care that he’s hurting people who supported him so strongly and who also form a large part of traditional Democratic support.

Maybe he just doesn’t know what it’s like to live on a fixed income while costs spiral out of control. I think he does know, and doesn’t care any more about seniors and those living with disabilities than he cares about those he drops missiles on from drones, or the growing number of families he breaks up by escalating deportations. Yes, we’re learning something about this man Obama.

It would be interesting to see if Republicans could be educated so that they might support seniors. Far-fetched? Watch how they go after the African-American and Hispanic votes as the next election nears. Maybe all they need is a little education.

So I propose a new TV reality show: Fixed Income.

It’s a historical drama, starting from the founding of our country. Republicans often refer to the Founding Fathers, for example, to justify gun ownership. So we’ll start there. Republicans understand Founding Fathers. Future episodes would move through time from the great depressions of the 1870s-1890s and into the modern era.

So here’s a synopsis of the first installment.

Reality show- Fixed Income

Episode One: What happened to the Father of Our Country After His Great Service to the People

Location: The humble Washington residence in Fredericksburg.

Watch as George and Martha struggle to cope with the reality of living on a fixed income while inflation drives costs ever upward. Unable to afford quality Washingtonmedical care after benefit cuts, George resorts to carving his own wooden teeth.

To survive the winter's cold he cuts down their cherry tree for firewood, and finally, in disgust with government inaction, he throws his last dollar across the Potomac River.


In the next episode, Kelly’s Army and the Commonweal of Christ march eastward from Oakland toward Washington DC, to protest the 20% unemployment during the 1873-1890s recession. Jack London makes a celebrity cameo appearance, and Buffalo Bill Cody, in a memorable scene, dispatches three beeves to feed the Army as they cross the Colorado Line. No spoiler here, stay tuned.


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