Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Name that bill! Enter the primary election before 3 p.m. Thursday

by Larry Geller

Sen. Laura Thielen is running an election to name the new animal (or whatever it is) that has raised its ugly head(s) this legislative session.

Instead of “gut and replace,” which advocates have fought strongly this session (that is, a bill that has had its language sucked out of it and replaced with unrelated language), some of our clever legislators, supported by their leadership, have taken to just adding unrelated content to a bill. That’s what I meant about two heads. It really is ugly.

Some bills that I’ve seen mentioned are HB70, HB252 (which has had geothermal language stuck into it), HB487, and HB747. There may be others.

It’s a sneaky process and may be unconstitutional as well. But that doesn’t seem to stop our legislators from looking for a new angle to cheat the public from participating in the process.

So rush right over to the primary election web page, check out the candidates so far, and cast your vote. You can vote for up to three names. Please vote only once, it’s on the honor system.

The three winners will advance to the General Election.

And thanks to Sen. Thielen for this great idea and for creating a web page to handle the voting!


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