Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Testimony needed before 9 a.m. (if possible) on GMO labeling bill

by Larry Geller

Gary Hooser sent an email alert which I found in my inbox this morning: “Urgent - If Food Choice Is Important To You - GMO Labeling Bill Needs Your Testimony Now!” Gary is right—even the shortest testimony now can help HB174 pass.

Since the hearing is tomorrow at 9 a.m., it’s best to submit testimony before 9 a.m. this morning. It’s easy—click the link above, fill out your name etc., and say a few words in the box near the bottom.

Given the forces arrayed against GMO labeling nationwide, Hawaii has a chance to send a signal to other states and the feds as well.

The GMO industry propaganda never talks about the pesticide spray issue because the chemical companies make their big bucks from selling farmers those chemicals. But aside from food safety issues around eating GMOs, we in Hawaii might be concerned about those very chemicals in our air and water.

So there’s a lot that you can type in that little box. Send your message.

Gary points out that the bill needs fixing, and that it can be fixed.

But for the moment, it needs to pass its committee hearing.

For more info, click over to Gary Hooser's Blog -

The bill status is here.


Howzit, Larry and Gary Hooser,
Do you think it would helpful to revisit the Senate Rules with respect to Malama Solomon, especially RULE 81. Standards of Conduct?

I see a few things in there that would apply to her contemptuous behavior. It is alarming.
She DOES NOT care about the environment, nor does she respect the process and decorum acting as if it were her own little party and anyone she doesnʻt agree with can go to hell.

Itʻs interesting, if Senator Thielen had acted to her how she did to Thielen, I guarantee there would be revenge.

Well, I wonder if a complaint would be successful. I tried that route when Sen. Hee filed sequential reports with the ethics commission that were not correct, let me say it that way. Senate President Tsutsui declined to take action under the Senate rule I cited (or under any other rule).


You could try it, though. If you do, and if you're willing to share a copy, please send it along.

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