Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hawaii Sen. Akaka was first to vote against going to war in Iraq

by Larry Geller


Democracy Now continues to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Iraq war this week. Today was a very difficult program about a war veteran who has decided to end his life.

But along the way there were some clips from the film “Body of War.” One sequence counted up the 23 Senators who stood together to vote against going to war in Iraq (it may have been a vote against giving Bush war powers, I’m not sure). And because he came up first alphabetically, our own Senator Daniel Akaka became the first Senator to vote “No.”


I just finished listening and watching Democracy Now. Sen. Byrd was magnificent on the Senate floor, protecting the Constitution. I remember watching at the time. His filmed conversation with Tomas Young, the young paralyzed Iraqi war vet, is priceless. The 23 courageous patriotic senators who voted NO on invading Iraq: Akaka, Bingham, Boxer, Byrd, Chafee, Conrad, Corzine, Dayton, Finegold, Graham, Durkin, Inouye, Jeffords, Kennedy, Leahy, Levin, Mikulski, Murray, Reed, Sarbones, Stabenow, Wellstone, Wyder..the rest of the Senate is to be remembered for destroying the Constitution. It has been downhill for peace, justice and truth since!

Yes, wasn't that something? The entire program was well worth watching. And thank you for enumerating the courageous No votes. Sen. Inouye, of course, also voted No.


I must give props to Akaka and Inouye for voting "NO" on going to war with Iraq,even though I disagreed with both of them about the Akaka Bill. The Democracy Now show yesterday was another mind blowing one, about how we armed and trained Iraqi death squads that tortured and killed Sunni men. Sometimes as many as 3000 dead bodies a month left in the streets of Iraq. Or the other show this week about Depleted Uranium that has caused an epidemic of horrific birth defects of newborn babies. The images are hard to look at. Corporate media has sanitized this war from the American public because if these images were shown on our nightly news, there would be a public uproar not unlike the Vietnam War.

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