Monday, February 18, 2013


Take a trip through the Secret Door

by Larry Geller

Thanks to a pointer from  Research Buzz, I now have something to distract me from playing with my new smartphone. It’s a website called The Secret Door,

The Secret Door

The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

After going through the door, just click on the thingy at the upper left to move on to the next place, or stay and use the usual Google Maps navigation indicators to move around and explore the place where you are.

See also: Google adds 100,000 new tours and a million new photos to Google Earth’s ‘tour guide’ (, 1/30/2013).

Unfortunately (for me) I just discovered that the website works perfectly well on my Samsung Galaxy S3. If  you have a tablet, here’s a great way to while away the time waiting to testify at the Legislature, for example.

Someplace in the Secret Door collection is supposed to be an image Hanauma Bay, but I haven’t run into it yet.


P.S. While rebooting my desktop just now, I went through the door and found myself on a tour of the White House!  Nice digs…


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