Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Massive rally at State Capitol draws proponents of GMO labeling, anti-PLDC activists and cultural practitioners

by Larry Geller

The news won’t be disappeared, the rally was as large as they come. Check your paper or TV station for a report.

Just before I posted this, Henry Curtis reported that PLDC repeal bills have been submitted in both the House and Senate (see below). The repeal bill in the Senate was the first bill introduced in the session.



Demonstrators arrive

Poi pounding

Info from email circulated by Henry Curtis:

REPEAL PLDC: SB1 (Sen. Hee), HB 9 (Rep. Thielen)

SB45 (Rep. DELA CRUZ) Public Land Development Corporation; Public-Private Partnership Corporation; Public Lands; Development Plans and Projects; Investments; Financing; Land Use Commission; Hawaii Community Development Authority; Land Use; Historic Preservation; Ceded Land; Pilot Project RELATING TO THE PUBLIC LAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. Changes references from the public land development corporation to the public private partnership corporation. Amends the process and requirements for the development and implementation of development plans. Revises the corporation's investment and financing authority. Requires coordination with the Hawaii Community Development Authority and the Land Use Commission where appropriate. Revises the corporation's reporting requirements. Requires the Public Land Development Corporation to initiate a pilot project after the adoption of rules. Prohibits the Public Land Development Corporation from planning, developing or implementing any projects other than the pilot project until the pilot project has been completed. Requires the Public Land Development Corporation to include a report on the status of the pilot project in its annual report and requires the Public Land Development Corporation to provide a report to the governor and legislature evaluating the pilot project upon its completion. Pilot project repeals on 1/1/16.


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