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Mark your calendar: Wed Jan 2 7:00 a.m. -- The Separation of State and Church


Below is a meeting announcement from the Interfaith Alliance Hawaii.
Yes, 7 a.m.
It’s before work – but there is usually plenty of coffee and cookies.




“Promoting the positive healing role of religion in public life by encouraging dialogue and community building”

When:   First  Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

Where: Harris United Methodist Church, 20 South Vineyard Blvd.

7:00 a.m. Opening.  Introductions.          Sam Cox, Convener                                                                                      

The Separation of State and Church

In General and Issues Hawaii

97EFB16C69B5D5C09553E4D72696C266[3]Mitch Kahle was named “Free Thinker of the Year” in 2011 by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and was a featured speaker at their national convention in Hartford, Ct. He is a long-time civil rights activist, becoming politically active in the mid-1980s.


In 1996 Kahle, along with others, formed Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church (HCSSC) for the purpose of defending the constitutional principle in Hawaii.


HCSSC's first challenge involved a 37-ft-tall steel cross at Kolekole Pass, on Schofield Barracks, a U.S. Army base on the island of Oahu.  HCSSC sued the U.S. Army in Federal Court and in less than 45 days the Army removed the cross and settled the case out of court.


Thereafter Kahle and HCSSC have been involved in dozens of high profile state-church controversies in the Islands, including most recently a successful challenge of legislative prayers. Kahle was roughed up and arrested after objecting to an overtly Christian prayer in the Hawaii State Senate in 2010. Kahle was ultimately acquitted of all charges and hassince filed a Federal civil lawsuit against the State of Hawaii.

Recently, Kahle brought attention to a proposed Christmas Concert Benefit with Moanalua High School orchestra as being too intertwined with a local church fundraising effort. The event was subsequently canceled by DOE Superintendent  of Schools Kathryn Matayoshi..

Professionally, Kahle is an entrepreneur, who in his free time enjoys sailing, hiking, and is a jazz bass player and composer.


Open Discussion


8:30 a.m. Adjourn. Networking


Sam Cox (808) 779-3606  SamCox@hawaii.,rr.com  or  Randolph Sykes (808) 561-6010 randolphsykes@hawaii.rr.com

www.InterfaithAllianceHawaii.org  and http://interfaithopentable.wordpress.com




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